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Keep your pet at home when you travel

Lets face it. Dog Sitting for the Gay and Lesbian community is a service that is greatly needed. As a puppy parent vacationing can be super stressful. What do we do with Zeus! (that's the name of my 70 lbs boxer pup) If your furry buddy is anything like mine, they need constant attention, exercise, and engagement or mischief is sure to happen. I have put a band-aid on this issue in the past through the engagement of different family members, Dog Boarding, close friends and sometimes not so close friends. Honestly though, with as much as we travel, gay dog sitting and finding gay dog sitters has been a challenge. I feel like a burden to those who love me. Whenever I discuss my travel plans, the last thing I want is my friends to feel anxiety anticipating my doggie sitting request. Check out my article at discussing this in further detail.

Found an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal 
National Pet Sitting Crunch
Dog Sitting Gay


Enter the perfect pooch solution. A friend of mine suggested that I look for a verified and reviewed pet sitter for my Zeusey. The more I thought about it, the more the idea of a professional verified and reviewed pet sitter gave me piece of mind. I also thought that is was better for my furbaby to stay in a familiar environment as apposed to a kennel. So I hit the internet not knowing exactly what I was looking for, however I knew what I didn't want. I did not want some creepy craigslist situation. (no disrespect to CL, just not really my thing) I also didn't want a rave being hosted in my house when I am out of town on business. 

Dog Sitting Gay


After the most extensive research I have ever conducted in my life outside of college (after all this is my fur bestie), I discovered a service that was both professional and convenient. TrustedHouseSitters  is a site that connects home owners with Reviewed and Veritified sitters. The most unique aspect of this service is that the sitters do not charge to babysit your pet. TrustedHouseSitters already has a database of referenced and verified home sitters. You pay the service once a year to arrange as many sits as you prefer. They link you up with sitters who are pet lovers and provide the sitters with 24/7 access to Vet care in case of any emergencies. TrustedHouseSitters conducts a background check, references check and allows previous clients to post reviews of the sitters performance. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the process. Travel safe!   

Do you wish to improve your Puppy manners

Looking to improve your puppy’s manners? Did Petco puppy training not really work for you? You can QUICKLY eliminate any doggie behavioral problem… no matter how badly you think it's ingrained… no matter what kind of dog you have. If that excites you, I know you'll find this training EXTREMELY valuable…


What is Gay Dog Sitting?

Gay Dog Sitting is exactly what it sounds like. It is Dog sitting specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the Gay and Lesbian


How much does pet sitting cost per day?

The Dog Sitting Service is completely free! Yes that's right, free. The Vetted and Trusted House Sitters are looking for the experience of travel. TrustedHouseSitters charges a yearly fee to access the service. That monthly fee is dependent on the package that you the customer chooses. Follow the link for further details on this process.

Cat Sitting...How Often?

Well, the first aspect you want to consider is the temperament and attitude of your feline friend. However a general rule of thumb is that cats most prefer the comforts of their home than staying in an unfamilar environment. Therefore a live-in care taker is the perfect solution to your Cat Sitting needs.

Dog Boarding for Aggressive Dogs?

Most of the time Dog Boarding for Aggressive Dogs come with a doggie interview process. The kennel will introduce your pet to the new environment and begin an acclamation process. For me, the better option is to hire a Trusted and Vetted Housesitter that will love your dog and give them the specific care that they need

Dog Boarding Not Neutered?

Your Dog not being neutered is only a problem if you decide to take them to a traditional boarding environment. TrustedHouseSitters allows you to keep your fur friend in their home where there is not a need for the same precautions.

Dog Boarding for Anxious Dogs?

If you are the parent to an anxious pup, then you know the struggles of trying to acclimate your pup to a new environment. My suggestion would be to house the anxious dog in a familiar environment and then introduce the sitter once or twice before you go on vacation. Anxious pets are more likely to handle an unfamiliar element introduced to a familiar environment than the other way around. 

Dog Boarding with Cameras?

One of the most asked questions at a Dog Boarding facility is weather the cameras are on 24/7 and If you will be able to see your pooch on a live stream or video feed. My thought is why bother with the hasel, I am sure that your house, (just like mine) has a cameras. Keep your dog at home, hire a Trusted and Vetted Housesitters  and have the piece of mind that your best fur friend is being taken care of with love. 

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